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Q: How to track the order status on your website.

Q: How to download the invoice .

Q: I haven't received any sms / email confirmation about my order.

Q: I don't remember my password.

Q: Is it important for me to login.


1) Registration.

2) Find the product you want.

3) Find the product attributes.

4) Find the product price.

5) Confirming the order

6) Check you Cart

7) Fill in your address.

8) Choose shipping method.

9) Choose payment method.

10) Order Confirmation


1) How many shipping methods do your offer.

2) What is the shipping charge rate.

3) Do I have to pay the shipping charge.

4) How soon can I receive my parcel.

5) What is the benefits of Part Shipment.

6) Do I need to pay local tax, octroi or any other local tax.

7) Do I need to pay insurance separately.

8) What  should I do if I have only received a part of my order.


1) How many kinds of payment method you accept.




2) I don't have a credit card, can I still purchase your products.

9) Can  I pay by cheque.



1) When can I cancel an order.


2) How do I cancel my order which is in process.

3) How long will it take to cancel my order.

4) What do I do if I received a wrong product.

5) What do I do if I received the product not ordered by me.


1) When will I get my refund.

2) What are the details you require for NEFT refund.

3) Can I ask for NEFT refund if I paid through my credit card / debit card.


1) How do you use my personal information on your website. Will they be disclosed.

2) How can I trust your website.

3) Is it safe to pay by paypal manually.


1) Benefits of registering on your website.

2) How do I use a promotional code.

3) If my order contains some out of stock items, what are you going to do.

4) What types of discount I can get on your website.

5) What is the minimum order amount on your website.

6) Why is the price of some products differ from that several days before.





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